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Live Merimbula Sydney Rock Oysters Medium per long dozen (13pcs)

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Merimbula is a coastal town on the south coast of NSW between Bega and Eden.  The area is also known as the Sapphire Coast and is renowned for its sparkling water, and seafood, especially oysters.  The Merimbula oyster's superior meat and flavour make it a gourmet delight.

Sydney rock oysters are renowned for their sweet taste and creamy texture and are best eaten freshly shucked with just a dash of lemon juice.  Some people like to prepare a mignonette dressing and accompany it with a cold pilsner.  Live oysters can be kept for up to days in a cool damp place between 10-20 degrees celsius.  If you have a wine fridge this is an ideal storage place for live oysters. For more ideas on how to serve oysters see our Oysters Recipes.

Don't know how to shuck oysters? Watch our video on how to shuck oysters.

 Merimbula Sydney Rock Oysters comes in:

  • Live
  • Unshucked
  • Sold by the long dozen (13 oysters)
  • Product of Australia