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Australian Shore Crabs per kg (Frozen)

Original price $16.50 - Original price $16.50
Original price $16.50
$16.50 - $16.50
Current price $16.50

Looking for something a bit different?  We bring you Australian shore crabs at the most affordable price in Australia.  Who would have thought fresh seafood could be so cheap?  Actually, these crabs are frozen.  Since they are an invasive species we cannot sell live shore crabs.  By eating these you are not only saving money on exotic and relatively unknown seafood but also doing our native wildlife a favour!

They are commonly used in Asian dishes or European crab soups such as bisque. Boil, steam, grill or roast - cook them any way you want. Easy to cook and easy on the wallet. They provide an unsurpassed taste and texture that is unmatched by other common ingredients found in the food industry. Sure to be a hit in your restaurant or at home.

If you haven't tried these before you're definitely missing out!  Simply order yours today and search for a few recipes online.  We're sure you'll be back for more!

Australian Shore Crabs come:

  • Frozen / ready-to-thaw
  • Raw / ready-to-cook
  • About 10-12 per kilogram
  • Sold by the kilogram
  • Product of Australia