Live Spring Bay Black Mussels per 1kg


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Spring Bay mussels are award-winning mussels that are popular for fine dining and grown in the pristine waters of Tasmania. Spring Bay cultivates and harvests premium mussels in accordance with the strictest environmental standards. Needless to say, they are also at par with culinary standards.

Black Mussels stay alive and stress-free on their way from the water to the plate, resulting in soft, sweet, and delectable results every time. In addition, these Mussels are a great source of marine Omega-3s, EPA, and DHA. Because of its meaty and sweet taste, it is perfect to partner with other dishes like bread, pasta, soup, and so many more. With only a few basic additions, you can effortlessly convert their flavor into a delectable, nutritious dinner. Alternatively, for a savory entrée, softly simmer them with parsley and garlic. For recipes, please click here: Mussel Recipes

Black Mussels come:

  • Fresh
  • Live
  • Min of 1kg