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Order Now for Lunar New Year's Eve 31st Jan
Order Now for Lunar New Year's Eve 31st Jan

East Coast Sashimi Grade Tuna Loin Yellowfin Portion 200g/pc (Frozen)

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Tuna loins are the largest cuts of meat from a whole tuna fish. In Australia, Yellowfin tuna are caught along both the east and west coasts and is a targeted species by fishers in both the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery and the Western Tuna and Billfish Fishery. Yellowfin tuna are also caught recreationally off Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Yellowfin tuna's bright red meat has a mild, meaty flavour and it turns brown to greyish-tan when cooked. It is firm and moist, with large flakes. Yellowfin tuna is often served raw as sashimi and in sushi. Having it well-done makes it lose flavour so the best way to enjoy it is to eat it raw. 

Tuna Portions comes:

  • Skin On
  • Min of 200g per portion
  • Sashimi grade
  • Frozen
  • Vacuum-packed
  • Product of Australia