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Essential Seafood Steamboat (Hot Pot) Package

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If it’s the variety you’re looking for, look no further. We’ve hand-selected some of the most quality seafood we could find so you can taste a little bit of everything that the ocean has to offer. From Large Black Tiger Prawns harvested in Queensland to Jumbo Japanese Scallop Meat shipped directly from Japan, the Essential Seafood Steamboat Package has it all. An easy way to provide a feast for guests and family, fry and lightly season on the BBQ, make delicious prawn cocktails or boil the seafood and add them to your favourite dish — there are so many ways to enjoy these mouth-watering delicacies. With some products valued at $30 individually, you’ll save on our packages.

The Essential Seafood Steamboat Package comes with:

  • Large QLD Black Tiger Prawns Raw U10/15 1kg (Frozen)
  • Large NZ Green Shelled Mussels 1kg (Frozen)
  • Jumbo Japanese Scallop Meat (Roe-off) 500g (Frozen)
  • Skinless NZ Ling Fillets 700g per piece (Frozen)
  • Squid Tentacles 500g (Frozen)