NZ Plate Snapper Cleaned Whole 600 per fish


Our fresh and cleaned snapper fish is wild-caught and line caught in New Zealand waters,  which is considered one of the world's greatest fishing territories with the best seafood species. In the angler community, large snapper fish is trophy fish. They are the most sought-after species by recreational fishers. Snapper fish are found in the coastal waters of New Zealand and Australia. 

Snapper fish has a firm and lean texture with clean and moist meat. The delicate white meat has a fresh and mildly sweet taste. This is perfect for a wide range of dishes that includes baked fish, steamed, fried, braise, and grill. Mixing in a lot of flavours to the fish would be great as it absorbs all the moisture around it.

Snapper Fish comes:

  • Fresh
  • Whole
  • min of 400g per fish
  • Vacuum-Packed