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Fresh Goolwa Pipis per kg (De-Sanded, Ready-to-Cook)

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Pipis are one of the most understated treats of the ocean.  A member of the clam family, these pipis are usually white to light pink on the outside, while the insides of their shells are dark purple.  When cooked properly, they have a subtle sea flavour and are soft and delicate in texture, unlike other clams.

Sourced from the clear blue waters of Goolwa, Southern Australia, they are utterly delicious when paired with strong flavours, such as chilli and garlic, and can be eaten steamed, poached, baked, grilled, raw, and even pickled — there’s not a lot you can’t do with them.  You’ll often find them in curries, soups and stir-fries.

Click here to see our Pipis in XO sauce recipe. It's so easy to make but extremely delicious!

Goolwa Pipis come:

  • Fresh
  • Purged of sand (de-sanded)
  • MSC certified
  • In 1kg bags
  • Product of Australia