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Fresh Grey Morwong Whole Fish (Cleaned) per kg

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Original price $19.99
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Grey Morwong can be found along the south-eastern Australian coastline from southern Queensland to central Victoria and south to Tasmania. The Grey Morwong can be identified by its attractive colour and pectoral fin shape. It has a beautiful silvery blue to grey colour, with the upper surface sometimes tinted yellow or brown. The median fins are blue.

Grey Morwong has medium-firm flaky flesh with delicate skin. It tastes more like bream and has a smoother texture. It is a versatile fish - suitable for frying, steaming, barbecuing, roasting or baking. With its rich meat, you can’t go wrong with whatever dishes you have in mind, may it be whole, filleted or sliced when cooked.

Fresh Grey Morwong come:

  • Fresh
  • Gutted and cleaned
  • 1-2 fish per kg
  • Charge weight is based on uncleaned weight
  • Product of Australia

Please note: The availability of this seafood item depends on factors such as weather conditions, market conditions and your preferred delivery date.  We'll do everything possible to ensure you get your item when you want it, but there is a chance that this item will not be available on your chosen delivery date, in which case we would notify you as early as possible so you can select another item or make other arrangements.