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Glacier 51 Toothfish Portions Skin-On 150g/pc (Frozen)

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Glacier 51 Patagonian Toothfish portions exude marvellous quality as it delivers a fine texture that pleasingly covers the palate. Its pearl-white flesh delivers a sweet and clean taste that balances well with the texture. Heard Island & McDonald Islands (HIMI), Australia’s most remote Commonwealth-managed fishery that is surrounded by Australia’s only active volcano, Big Ben, is the home of our toothfish.

Toothfishes are rich in “good fats” or Omega 3 and provide culinary versatility from moist heat to dry preparations. One of the famous dishes with this seafood ingredient is baked as it still retains its moisture with an explosion of flavour. For cooking ideas, look at our Patagonian Toothfish with Miso Butter

Glacier 51 toothfish comes:

  • Skin-on
  • Individually packed
  • Frozen
  • min of 150g per portion
  • Product of Australia