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Holland Razor Clams (Frozen) per kg

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Original price $19.50
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If you enjoy shellfish, this is a must-try! This unusual treat features a soft texture, a mild brininess, and a sweet flavour. In Holland, they can be found in the intertidal and subtidal zones of bays and estuaries.

You don't know how to cook them? Don’t worry! They're simple to prepare! Remove the clam's foot and cut out the dark intestinal tract in the centre before cooking, leaving only the firm white clam meat. Then you're all set to go!

We recommend soaking it in water to remove the sand, then cooking it with white wine and garlic. Alternatively, you can steam them with ginger and shallots or black bean sauce with smashed garlic for a few minutes for an elevated dish. Cook the clams until the shells begin to open up, then remove them from the pot.

Our Razor clams come:

  • Frozen
  • Raw and ready to cook
  • Around 10-13 cm per razor clam
  • Product of Netherlands