Jumbo Gold Coast Cooked Black Tiger Prawns U10/15 per 1kg


Jumbo Gold Coast Prawns have a lovely almost glistening color when raw and are bright reddish-orange when cooked. The Gold Coast region is one of Australia’s Largest Tiger Prawns producers, with over 1000 tonnes of prawns produced each year.

Jumbo Gold Coast Prawns are rich in flavour with very moist flesh making them perfect for tempura dishes, casseroles, soups, and even pasta.

Gold Coast Tiger Prawns are not only rich in flavor but are also packed with different nutrients. These are rich sources of one of the most effective antioxidants in maintaining healthy cells, selenium, and Zinc.

Gold Coast Tiger Prawns come:

  • Whole and Unpeeled
  • Cooked
  • min of 1kg