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Large Round Tilapia Whole Fish min 700g (Frozen)

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Original price $13.95
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Imported from Taiwan, this species of Tilapia are larger and more round. Qualities such as its tender flesh and lack of hidden bones quickly made it a favourite among the public. Tilapia has a mild and sweet flavour. It is a mild acting fish that is versatile enough for a wide variety of cooking methods.

This fish can be grilled, baked, broiled, sautéed, pan-fried or steamed.
Tilapia is a delicate fish that is easy to grill, making it perfect for the grill. Tilapia is also great for fish and chips or as the main part of a more sophisticated meal.

Tilapia comes:

  • Whole fish
  • Frozen
  • min. of 700g per fish
  • Product of Taiwan