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Live Large Angasi Oysters per dozen **NEW**

Original price $28.95 - Original price $28.95
Original price $28.95
$28.95 - $28.95
Current price $28.95

Indulge in the sensation of a comeback in your mouth! The Angasi oysters are making a comeback after being fished out. They are endemic to southeast New South Wales, around Tasmania and Western Australia.

Angasi shells are flatter and rounder than Pacific shells, with lovely caramel and coffee tones. This is an oyster for oyster lovers: full-bodied, delicately textured, and flavorful. It features vegetal and mineral characteristics, as well as a lot of depth of flavour, and is a cousin of the famous Belon oyster from France. While Pacific oysters have a creamy, fresh flavour, Angasis has a richer, earthier flavour. Simply add a spritz of fresh lemon on the tip of the shell and allow it to slide into your mouth to fall in love with it.

Live Large Angasi Oysters: 

  • Live
  • Unshucked
  • Sold by the Dozen
  • Product of Australia