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New Zealand Smoked Green Lip Mussels in 1/2 Shell (Frozen) per dozen

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Do you have a thing for mussels? Our smoked green lip mussels are a must-try! The meat of this mollusc is large and firm (almost chewy), with a mildly salty sea spray flavour that is not overbearing. New Zealand is unquestionably the trusted source of our green lip mussels, as it is known for being a sustainable green-food supply. The flavour of the sea is mixed with a delicate faint smokey flavour in these huge, sweet mussels

It's the best appetizer because of its flavour profile! Toast thin slices of rustic bread, then mix a little beer into a thick cheese sauce and apply it over the toasts to wow your guests. Add a little shredded Cheddar cheese to the top and cook for a few seconds to melt it. Top with Smoked Mussels, smoked paprika, sliced spring onion, and chopped coriander and serve warm. Served with sweet tomato chutney, this entrée is exquisite. Look at our Mussel Recipes for more ideas on how to prepare mussels.

Smoked Mussels comes:

  • Frozen
  • Smoked
  • Per dozen 
  • Product of New Zealand