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NSW Fresh Sandy Sprat (Anchovies) per 1kg

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Brimming with life and flavour! When you’re looking for heart-healthy fish, have you ever thought about trying sprat? These teeny white-fleshed fish have been a major part of the seafood lover's diet for centuries. They’re easy to cook and much less expensive than many other types of fish. Plus, they are lower in calories and a healthy source of potassium and omega-3-fatty acids.

These are easy to cook and eat than you may think. Sprats can be eaten whole just like silver fish or white bait. Sprats' flesh is tender. This means that they must not only be handled but also cooked properly in order to avoid breaking up and being wasted. Cooking them quickly and simply preserves the sprats' physical form while also allowing the exquisite flavours to shine through. 

You can fry these with flour or opt in for a oven dried recipe with these versatile fish. 

Sandy Sprats come:

  • Fresh
  • Raw, head-on
  • Sold per kg
  • Product of Australia