Huon Reserve Ocean Trout Caviar 100g per jar


Huon Reserve Ocean Trout Caviar is extracted by hand in Northern Tasmania. The roe is lightly brined and carefully screened before being jarred and sealed to ensure the highest quality pearls. As a result, there should be no aftertaste other than a lingering taste of the sea.

It's ready to eat and is normally served at the end of a meal. It may also be eaten directly from the back of the hand. The best way to enjoy Huon Reserve Ocean Trout Caviar put it onto your tongue and break the membrane. After that, you can now experience the unique texture and the salty, creamy pop of Huon Reserve Ocean Trout Caviar.

To make the most of your ocean trout caviar experience, we even offer the popular serving utensil, the mother of pearl caviar spoon.

Huon Reserve Ocean Trout comes:

  • in 100g jars