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Octopus Slices (Tako Slices) 160g - Frozen

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Other than salmon, kingfish and tuna sashimi, one of the most commonly seen sushi will be octopus slices. The octopus slices which you normally eat as nigiri are cooked. They are mildly-flavoured with a slight sweet taste. They are perfect for people who are at beginner to intermediate-level for eating sushi. You can also use these slices to do your own aburi. They will go so well with rice. 

Our Octopus Slices come in 20pcs with 8g per slice. Just thaw these a little bit and you are ready to serve! 

Our Octopus Slices come:

  • Cooked and frozen
  • 160g (8g x 20pcs)
  • Vacuum sealed