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Patagonian Toothfish Cheeks per 350g (Frozen)

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Patagonian Toothfish is the “white gold” of the Antarctic waters, found in the deep and cold waters between Australia and Antarctica. Toothfish has snow-white flesh with a creamy soft taste. It is one of the most sought after fish in Australian households, especially for those who regularly eat seafood. Toothfish is considered as the wagyu of fish with a complex, yet delicate mouthfeel that coats the palate appealingly, making it a delight to consume. Its snow-white flesh and broad scalloping flakes display a clean and sweet flavour and the elegant balance of flavour and texture of this fish provides a culinary versatility rarely found in fish fillets.

The cheek part of the fish head is considered a delicacy and is usually reserved for the young children in the family who love it's tender boneless meat.  Now your whole family can enjoy this prized part of the fish.  It is definitely a "must try"!  For cooking ideas check out our recipes: Patagonian Toothfish with Miso Butter and Miso Black Cod (which you can make it with toothfish instead).

Patagonian Toothfish Cheeks come:

  • Frozen
  • Skinless
  • 350g vacuum sealed bags
  • About 5-6 cheeks per bag
  • Product of Australia