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Jumbo Whole Champagne Lobsters Raw 300g+ (Frozen)

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Original price $18.99
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Champagne lobsters are a true delicacy. It has a distinct wild flavour reminiscent of the ocean. It has white flesh which tastes somewhere between a prawn, a bug and a lobster. It is truely an affordable seafood option which many shops or chefs haven’t told you about.

These hidden gems now come in a large size. Make sure you secure one of these before they are sold out as we have very limited quantity of the large champagne lobsters. 

You can cut the champagne lobster in halves and do mornay with them. Alternatively you can go for the stir fry option such as frying them with ginger and shallot with or without shells. 

Champagne Lobster comes:

  • Raw
  • Frozen
  • Sold per lobster
  • Large size (min. 300g each)
  • Product of Australia