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New Zealand Razor Clams per 500g (Frozen)

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Original price $21.50
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Our razor clams (also known as razor shells or razor mussels) are found in intertidal or subtidal zones of bays and estuaries in New Zealand. These clams are rare in seafood markets because harvesting these clams are difficult because they have brittle shells and are difficult to be transported. Therefore it is a must-try if you have happen to see some of these.

Razor clams have a soft texture, moderate brininess, and a sweet taste. They are easy to cook. Before cooking, remember to remove the clam's foot and cut out the dark intestinal tract in the centre, leaving only the firm white clam meat. Then you are ready to go!

Simply soak it in water to rinse the sand out and simmer them in white wine and garlic. Alternatively, you can simply steam them for a few minutes with ginger and shallots, or black bean sauce with crushed garlic. Cook the clams until the shells start opening up and you are done!

Razor clams are rare to find therefore hurry and order yours now! Please your order by 9 am and enjoy same-day delivery to anywhere in Sydney. We now deliver 6 days a week Monday to Saturday!

Our razor clams come:

  • Raw and ready to cook
  • Frozen
  • Sold by 500g
  • Product of New Zealand