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Slipper Lobster (Bug) Meat per 1kg (Frozen)

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Slipper Lobsters are also known as ‘flat lobsters’ or “crayfish’ but they are not true lobsters. Its meat is pearly white and translucent when raw and white when cooked. It has a delicate flavour which is often sweeter than other lobster species.

If you do not want to go through the chores of peeling the slipper lobsters, this item is perfect for you as it comes in peeled.

The slipper lobster meat can be used in a lot of recipes - pasta and soups, or have it seared, grilled or barbequed just like cooking a lobster tail. It goes very well with garlic, butter, cheese, lemon, ginger and many more.

This product comes in a 1kg bag and is priced per bag. Imported from Vietnam