Large Queensland Spanner Crabs per piece (Frozen)


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A red crab named after the unique shape of their claws, Spanner Crabs are a seasonal catch usually along the Australian coasts of NSW to WA. The spanner crab fishery is concentrated in south-east Queensland waters, composing over 99% of the harvest by commercial fishers. This breed has bright red shells that contain moist, sweet, and delicate meat.

This bycatch of prawn trawling has made its way to become one of the most sought-after varieties owing to the fact that the delicate meat offers the perfect base to endless recipes. Available in peak months July to October, it's best to buy them cooked and frozen. This burgundy treat will look absolutely appetizing on the platters and buffet. 

Spanner Crabs Come:

  • Raw
  • Uncleaned
  • Frozen
  • Min of 350g