Wakame Seaweed Salad per 1kg


Wakame is a type of edible seaweed found around the northwest Pacific Ocean and has been cultivated in Japan for centuries. This seaweed has won the hearts of many Aussies for its sweet and strong flavor. It has a subtly sweet but distinctive and robust flavor and texture. Wakame is perfect to add to your dishes or just make as a nutritious salad. Simply slice fresh or rehydrated wakame into thin strips and flavor with soy sauce, mirin, sesame oil, and rice vinegar for a quick and easy Wakame salad.

Wakame is packed with iodine which good for your thyroid function. In addition, It is low in calories and provides various vitamins and minerals. It's also linked to various health advantages, including lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increased weight reduction, and lower blood sugar.

Wakame comes:

  • Packed in 1kg packs
  • Sealed