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Wild-Caught Flathead Fillet (Frozen) per kg

Original price $16.95 - Original price $16.95
Original price $16.95
$16.95 - $16.95
Current price $16.95

Take a look at our flathead fillet. It's one of Australia's favourite fish, thanks to its mildly sweet flavour and light texture! Our flathead is filleted when caught and individually snap-frozen.

These fillets are skinned and boned for your convenience, and they're great for grilling or deep-frying. Simply cook and serve with your favourite sides. You may also cook it in banana leaves or foil with your favourite herbs and spices for a unique gastronomic experience.

Flathead Fillet comes:

  • Wild-caught
  • Frozen
  • Average of 185g per fillet
  • Sold per kg
  • Product of Argentina