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For the Love of Seafood


Bring together a group of die-hard seafood lovers who can collectively chew through a hundred kilos of prawns and lobsters in a week and it’s no surprise that FishMe! was born.  When COVID lockdowns caused restaurants to close and all you could do was eat at home, a hobby became this passion project.

FishMe! is run by the same passionate seafood lovers who still refuse to eat pre-shucked oysters and would rather spend a whole day catching one fresh fish than buying it from a shop that may have had it on display for days.

FishMe! was born in 2020, bred in Sydney Australia, and officially launching in 2021 to bring you the freshest seafood that money can buy, delivered directly to your door, and insulated in temperature-controlled packaging. It’s as close as you can get to pulling it out of the water yourself! 

Forget about paying retail prices for seafood that’s passed its shelf life. We guarantee lower prices for the freshest seafood with the added convenience of home delivery, as long as you’re in Sydney. (If you’re outside the city, just wait ‘cause we’re on our way to you!)  

If you don’t see your favourite shellfish or crustacean on our website, it can either be because it’s not in season yet or it hasn’t passed our strict taste and freshness tests, which most probably means that you shouldn’t be buying it anyway. Trust us: We take our seafood very, very seriously.

Australian seafood lovers and connoisseurs, this is your final destination for the finest, freshest, and biggest seafood. Make sure to bookmark us and drop us a line for your seafood-related needs! You can count on us and we speak your language!