Yarra Valley Atlantic Salmon Roe 100g jar


Level up your caviar experience to the whole level with Atlantic Salmon Roe by Yarra Valley. Yarra Valley Caviar is Australia’s premier producer of hand-milked 100% Australian grown Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow, and Brooke Trout Caviar. Sustainable growth techniques and ethical fish husbandry procedures are world-class at Yarra Valley Caviar.

Salmon roe is a translucent reddish-orange egg of a salmon. Take a small amount and gently place it against your hard palate in your mouth. It should pop and taste crisp, somewhat fishy, and slightly salty. Its distinctive explosion of flavor and rich, strong features make it an excellent match for a variety of gourmet cuisines.

Yarra Valley Atlantic Salmon roe comes:

  • In 100 gram jars