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Australian Wild Scampi Caviar 25g tin

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Allow yourself to be pampered with blue baubles of salty delight known as Blue caviar. The roe of Wild Scampi collected in Australian waters is known as Blue Caviar or Sapphires of the Ocean. Hand-sorted and harvested tiny blue shimmering bubbles with only salt as an addition.

What does it have in common with conventional Caviar? Because scampi roe contains less fat, it does not have a naturally creamy texture, yet its hard texture can provide a delightful pop in the mouth.

Chefs appreciate the way this caviar brings out the umami and brininess of whatever dish it's added to, so spoon it out of the pan and into your mouth. Because we wanted to keep the flavours basic and natural, we paired it with our Sydney rock oysters. These oysters are delicious, plump, and creamy, and they complemented the scampi caviar well.

Australian Premium Blue Caviar comes in:

  • 25g per tin
  • Fresh (once opened please consume within 24 to 48 hours)
  • Product of Australia