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Australian Tropical Rock Lobster Sashimi Grade Raw (Frozen)

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Size: 2.3kg

This is the ultimate sashimi lobster!  The Australian Tropical Rock Lobster, also known as the painted lobster or coral crayfish, is highly prized for its beautiful bright colours and delicious white meat. They are found in the medium to shallow waters of the pristine coral reefs of far northern Queensland in the Torres Straits.  Tropical Rock Lobsters rarely get into cages or take bait traps so they can only be caught by hand in the wild by experienced divers.  These lobsters are caught from December to September allowing the lobster population to rejuvenate during the other months.  Very few operators are licenced to fish in the pure waters of the Torres Strait which is declared a protected zone.

The elaborately coloured shell includes jade and black on the tail to turquoise and purple on the head and turns orange when cooked. The lobster’s flesh is firm, with a sweet medium and rich taste and retains its shape well with most styles of cooking, whether it’s steamed, stir-fried or grilled.  The Australian Tropical Rock Lobster also makes an impressive dining experience when eaten as sashimi with its tender, translucent flesh and colourfully decorated shell.  No matter how you eat this delicious crustacean you'll be sure to wow your diners! For ideas on how to cook lobsters see our Lobster Recipes.

Tropical Rock Lobster comes:

  • Whole
  • Frozen
  • Perfect for sashimi
  • Product of Australia