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Half-Shell Commercial Scallops Roe-on per dozen (Frozen)

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Scallop roe is frequently rejected by the inexperienced, although it is regarded as a delicacy by those who are knowledgeable about seafood. The soft, creamy, and flavourful roe contrasts beautifully with the firm and sweet scallop adductor muscle — the circular white component. Our scallops are sourced from Victoria, retaining the natural flavour of the sea.

Scallop roe can now be used to expand your culinary horizons! Our favourite way to prepare them is to brush them with butter and garlic before barbecuing them. Finally, add a squeeze of lemon juice. For more ideas on how to cook scallops see our Scallop Recipes.

For those who are not familiar with the grade/sizing of scallops. We have prepared a scallop grading/sizing guide for your reference.

Commercial Half-Shell Scallops come: 

  • Frozen
  • Roe on
  • Sold by the dozen
  • With half shell
  • Product of Australia