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Order Now for Lunar New Year's Eve 31st Jan

Cooked QLD Champagne Lobster per kg (Frozen)

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Champagne lobster (also known as Barking Crayfish) is a delicious sea creature sourced off the coast of Queensland.  Simply thaw and cut in half to enjoy like you would a normal lobster.  If you're lucky your little lobster will be full of bright red roe which is a true delicacy for seafood lovers.  

Champagne lobsters are a true delicacy.  It has a distinct wild flavour, reminiscent of the ocean.  It offers a sweet and rich taste that suits Mediterranean and Asian flavours.  A truly delicious and affordable option that still remains relatively unknown even to top-end seafood lovers. For more ideas on how to cook lobsters see our Lobster Recipes.

Champagne Lobster comes:

  • Medium size (around 6 lobsters per kilo)
  • Cooked
  • Frozen
  • Product of Australia