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Whole Loligo Squid Medium per 1kg (Frozen)

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Original price $23.50
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We’ve got what you’re craving! You deserve all the freshness of this exquisite Loligo Squid. They are usually caught in Queensland and northern New South Wales. This squid has a stunning arrow-like shaped body and has pinkish marked skin.

The Loligo squid is tender and succulent, intensely flavoured and possesses a bit of sweetness. The gorgeous flesh of this Loligo Squid, fins and tentacles are suitable for an enormous variety of preparations, whole tubes can be stuffed and baked, you may also have it in strips or rings that can be coated and seasoned in flour to deep-fry or even marinated for char-grilling. This squid is also great with pasta and risottos.

For more ideas on how to cook squids see our Squid Recipes.

Whole Loligo Squid comes:

  • Frozen
  • Medium Size: 10-15cm 
  • Sold per 1kg
  • Cleaned (no ink)
  • Product of Australia