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Flying Fish Roe Wasabi Tobiko 500g (Frozen)

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Quench your cravings with a deliciously surprising blend of flavours with this delicious mega-treat of flying fish roe wasabi. Great as an eye-catching garnish or spread on the finest sushi. Eaten raw, over salads and in soups, flying fish roe wasabi is an outstanding way to add look and flavour

You can add tobiko on top of any seafood. The outer layer provides a pleasing crunch and hides a flavourful soft, slightly chewy smack. Tobiko is sometimes tinted to modify its appearance: other natural substances such as squid ink to make it black, yuzu to make it pale orange (nearly yellow), or even wasabi to make it green

Among its health benefits, Tobiko contains high amounts of omega 3 and has a hint of salt, making it a great all-purpose topping to add flavour, colour and nutrients to your dishes.

Wasabi tobiko is actually not spicy and it is only named as wasabi tobiko because of its colour.

Flying Fish Roe come:

  • Frozen
  • Sold per 500g box
  • Product of Japan