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Fresh NZ Snapper Longline Whole Fish (Cleaned)

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Original price $13.95
$8.95 - $13.95
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Size: 600gms

Caught in the coastal waters of New Zealand, Snapper is best known as the most versatile seafood amongst chefs. It provides excellent lean protein and white meat that has a distinct sweetness. Intriguing enough, the mild white meat does not have a fishy flavour. 

Available year-round, this goes well with crumbs on skillets and even better when steamed. If you're looking to surprise your tastebuds, Snapper is the answer.

Longline fishing uses baited hooks along a line that only corrals targeted fish while purse seine fishing uses a net that risks collecting non-targeted fish. Fishes caught in longlines have a whiter flesh and gives a firmer fillet due to minimal damage to the fish. Chefs and fish experts have both agreed that line-caught fish has a much higher quality.

Snapper comes: 

  • Fresh
  • Whole Fish
  • Head on, scaled and gutted
  • Product of New Zealand
  • Comes in different sizes