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Jumbo Japanese Scallop Meat Roe-on per kg (Frozen)

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Our Japanese scallops are sourced from Japan, preserving the taste of the natural marine environment.  Let the luxurious sweetness of the scallop with the rich taste of the roe immediately transport your taste buds to a beautiful place. 

Scallop roe is often discarded by the uninitiated but is considered a delicacy by those who know their seafood.  The roe is soft, creamy and tasty, which gives a delicious contrast to the firm and sweet scallop adductor muscle – the round white part.  Additionally, scallop roe is packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients that are considered by some to be superfoods.  For instance, the roe itself packs a large punch of omega-3's, a nutrient that is extremely good for general health.

With the roe on the scallop, you can now expand your range of recipes!  Our personal favourite is to pan-sear them on a screaming hot skillet for 2 minutes on each side. Finally, serving it with just a touch of soy sauce or a simple dip in lemon juice. For more ideas on how to cook scallops see our Scallop Recipes.

For those who are not familiar with the grade/sizing of scallops. We have prepared a scallop grading/sizing guide for your reference.

Scallop meat comes:

  • Frozen
  • Roe on
  • per 1kg pack
  • Shell removed
  • Product of Japan