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Frozen Smelt Sillago (Kisu Hiraki) Butterflied Fillets per 550g

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Original price $23.99
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The best fish on your dish! Smelt-whitings, sillago whitings or simply smelt, are primarily inshore fish that live in sandy, silty, or muddy environments. Sillago has a lean, sweet, and delicate flavour. It has a flavour comparable to flakier cods. This fish is a fantastic source of protein and vitamin B and is a great dinner option.

Sillago are versatile fish that you can add to your meal. The most popular way to consume it is as tempura or breaded and deep-fried, yet the taste of the fish varies widely depending on its freshness. 

  • Frozen
  • Head-off, butterflied fillets
  • Sold per 550g pack
  • Product of Vietnam