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Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Skin-off Fillet 600g (Frozen)

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Original price $22.95
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Tasmanian Atlantic salmon is a species of salmon that has been introduced on Tasmania’s west coast and is locally grown in world-class fish farms. It is recognised for its exceptional texture, flavour and health benefits. This salmon portion is sashimi grade.

The Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon is a delicious and healthy fish.  Salmon is known for its high nutritional value as the flesh is a great source of high-quality omega-3 fatty acids, protein, minerals, and vitamins.  Eating this type of fish not only provides a delicious meal but also promotes good health. For more ideas on how to cook salmon see our Salmon Recipe.

Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon fillet comes:

  • Skin-Off
  • Min of 600g per portion
  • Vacuum-Packed
  • Frozen
  • Sashimi Grade
  • Product of Australia