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Green Moreton Bay Bugs per kg (Frozen)

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Original price $32.99
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We know what you’re thinking, you came here looking for seafood — why on earth are we supplying bugs? Let us explain, they’re not the kind of bugs you’re thinking of. These bugs are more like a lobster — they’re a crustacean. Sweet and rich in flavour that is stronger than that of a rock lobster, they are bound to melt in your mouth with their ultra-soft texture.

Snap frozen to maintain freshness, most of the meat is in the bug’s tail and is often cut in half, then drizzled with oil or butter, seasoned with salt and pepper and then cooked to perfection on the barbeque in their shell. They can also be poached, steamed or grilled — whatever takes your fancy.

Moreton Bay Bugs comes in:

  • Frozen 
  • Raw
  • Sold by the kilo
  • In their shell
  • Product of Indonesia