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NZ Hapuku Skin-on Fillet (Frozen) per kg

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Hapuku are found in deep offshore reefs around the continental slope across the southern portion of Australia and throughout the New Zealand coastline. They are taken by trawlers and as bycatch of drop line fisheries.  Also known as Hapuka or New Zealand Groper.

They are excellent baked or fried but, like any fish, they can be easily overcooked, so it requires extra care and attention during the cooking process. The delicate fish practically melts in your mouth right away! The best thing about hapuku is that, despite rarely being consumed raw, it doesn't taste or smell fishy. The best way to prepare it is by boiling, steaming or on the barbeque.

Whether it's hapuka, hapuku or even groper to you, it's delicious whichever way you slice it!

New Zealand Hapuku Fillet Comes: 

  • Frozen
  • Sold per kilogram
  • Product of New Zealand