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West Australian Scampi No. 3 per 1kg (Frozen)

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Scampi is a species of lobster and is also known as northwest lobster or Australian scampi. Off the deep water on Australia's west coast, specifically in Port Hedland, is where these delectable fresh catch goodness can be found. Scampi are only targeted in the North West Slope Trawl Fishery using trawl nets.

Scampi is a prawn-like animal with long, thin claws. The body is orange-pink. The carapace is spiny and has a distinct postorbital spine behind the eye. The upper side of the tail fan is spiny. Legs and claws may be strongly ridged.

The taste is similar to prawns. Scampi can be cooked on the barbeque in their shell by cutting in half, drizzling with oil/butter and seasoning with salt and pepper.  Also a delicious addition in soups and pasta dishes.

WA Scampi comes:

  • Raw
  • Frozen
  • min of 1kg
  • Product of Australia