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Large Australian Octopus min 1.6kg each (Frozen)

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Pale Octopus is a muscular type of seafood with a solid body and short, but stout, arms. As its name suggests, Pale Octopus can appear white to cream in colour, it’s mild in flavour and has almost the same texture as squids do. Pale Octopus boasts of health-boosting benefits, like lowering the risk of heart diseases, contributing to cancer prevention, improving cognitive health, and relieving depression. You can benefit from its omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, Vitamin B12, and other vitamins and minerals. 

Pale Octopus is best enjoyed raw or marinated to tenderize it and bring out its flavour. If you’re cooking it, make sure to do so very quickly over high heat or very slowly over low heat. Cooked Pale Octopus also makes for a great addition to antipasto platters and salads.

Pale Octopus (Medium) comes:

  • Raw
  • Frozen
  • Min of 1.6kg each
  • Product of Australia