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Live Wallis Lake Bistro Sydney Rock Oysters per dozen

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Sydney rock oysters can be found on the menus of the finest restaurants in the world.  The Wallis Lake area located in the Central Coast of NSW consists of over 85 square kilometres of lakes and estuaries and produces some of the finest Sydney rock oysters.  About 40% of all NSW Sydney rock oysters come from this area.  These oysters end up in the restaurants, hotels and now your home.

The best way (and only way if you ask us) to enjoy these oysters is freshly shucked with a dash of lemon juice.  Serve with a glass of white wine or an ice cold beer.

Wallis Lake Sydney Rock Oysters come:

  • Bistro size
  • Live unopened
  • Product of Australia

How to store Sydney rock oysters:

Freshly harvested Sydney rock oysters can be kept alive for up to 2 weeks by storing them between 10 to 20 degrees celsius.  Your fridge or freezer is too cold.  If you have a wine fridge at home this is the perfect place to keep live oysters.  Otherwise you can store in a box with ice at the bottom, laying a towel over the ice and putting the oysters on top and covering with a lid.