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Japanese Narutomaki Fishcake 160g (Frozen)

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An example of surimi (minced fish paste) is narutomaki, which is distinguished by its jagged edges and lovely pink swirl in the centre. It is also regarded as a variety of kamaboko, which is akin to the frequent component of Asian cuisine known as crab sticks.

The topping for ramen dishes is its most well-liked application. Ingredients for ramen are typically green and brown in colour. As a result, the narutomaki contrasts nicely with the rest of the meal because of its pink and white colour, giving the dish a considerably nicer appearance. In addition, it can be used to garnish various dashi broth-based foods like soba and udon. You can also serve this surimi as a side dish with recipes for dry Japanese noodles like yakisoba and yaki udon. Additionally, it can be used as a protein-rich crouton in soups and salads or deep-fried to produce tempura. Even by itself, it makes a great snack.

Because the fish was ground into a fine paste and cooked, the fish cakes have a satisfyingly chewy, rubbery texture. The snap of the vegetables and the bite of the noodles are set against this ideal backdrop. As for flavour, given how thoroughly the fish is rinsed, they don't have the robust seafood flavour one may often anticipate. Instead, they offer a warm umami glow that seamlessly blends with the ramen's sauces and seasonings (or other broth dishes). They can be coupled with sriracha or another tangy dipping sauce to enhance this flavour if consumed alone.

Japanese Narutomaki Fishcake Comes:
  • Frozen
  • Ready-to-cook
  • 160g Pack
  • Product of Thailand