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Sashimi Grade NZ Scampi No. 2 per kg (Frozen)

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Our Sashimi Scampi comes from New Zealand. Scampi is a little lobster with a pink and orange banded shell that lives in tunnels 200 to 800 meters beneath the seafloor of New Zealand. It's a rare delicacy that's in high demand.

Its sweet and delicate white meaty flesh is often deliciously cooked, barbequed, marinated, or eaten raw as sashimi. It is unusual for things to go terribly wrong when garlic, wine, and butter are involved — boil them and eat them plain, serve with pasta, rice, or simply fry it in breadcrumbs. The sky's the limit with your recipe!

New Zealand Scampi No. 2 comes:

  • Frozen
  • Sashimi Grade
  • Size No. 2 (Around 11-14 pcs per kg)
  • Product of New Zealand