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NZ Little Neck Clams per 1kg (Frozen)

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New Zealand Littleneck Clam is also known as Tuaki or Tuangi. They are harvested from the clear, unpolluted waters of our Southern Pacific Ocean, on the Otago coast. Otago is a region in New Zealand located in the southern half of the South Island.

These little wonders are easily recognized by their distinctive coloured shells which can be white, green, or brown to grey. They are usually about one and a half inches wide. Their nice, salty taste can be eaten raw or cooked. To shuck them, just insert the tip of a knife between the clamshells. Press into the clam, right into the muscle.

Littleneck Clams come:

  • Min of 1kg
  • Frozen
  • Raw
  • Product of New Zealand