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Ora King Salmon Sashimi Grade Portion per kg (Frozen)

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Original price $69.95
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Try our divine Sashimi Grade Ora King Salmon! Our salmon is sustainably harvested in New Zealand's clean waters and has a brilliant flesh colour and high-fat content, giving it the rich, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth quality that chefs all over the world adore.

Unlike Atlantic salmon, it has a buttery, oily texture. It has a brilliant orange flesh colour that contrasts nicely with the marbled fat lines on the plate making it perfect for sashimi. 

Chefs are saying that this is the wagyu of the sea! You can prepare it well-done or serve it as sashimi. See our Salmon Recipe for more ideas on how to prepare salmon.

Ora King Salmon Portion comes:

  • Sold by the kilogram
  • Frozen in vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Product of New Zealand