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Otafuku Okonomi (Seafood Pancake) Sauce 300ml

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Original price $6.50
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Love to have seafood pancakes (okonomiyaki) at home but want to have sauce to go with them? We've got you covered!

Our Japanese made seafood pancakes sauce comes in a convenient 300g brown squeeze bottle and you can use them on your seafood pancakes or even any other savoury panackes or fried meat dishes. It is primarily made of fruit and vegetables as well as some vinegar and soy sauce. It is vegan and MSG-free.

Simply squeeze some sauce onto your dish and it will make your dish taste so much more flavoursome! This is a must-have in your pantry.

You can purchase seafood pancakes at our store as well.

Otafuku Okonomi Sauce comes:

  • in a 300g squeeze bottle
  • primarily made of fruits and vegetables, vinegar and soy sauce
  • contains soy and wheat
  • product of Japan