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Pickled Ginger (Sushi Gari White) per kg

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The Picked Ginger (Sushi Gari White) Gari is a type of tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables).  It is made of sweet, thinly sliced ginger that has been marinated in a special recipe that makes this a perfect accompaniment to your favourite Japanese dishes.

This is often served with sashimi and sushi and it’s an essential part of a Japanese meal. The spiciness and sweet vinegar flavour of the ginger help cleanse the palate between eating, allowing you to enjoy different pieces of fish and rolls. The name Gari is said to be from onomatopoeia of the crunching noise or the sound of a knife thinly slice the ginger.

Pickled Ginger comes:

  • Fresh (not frozen)
  • In 1kg bulk package
  • Ready to eat