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Polanco - Oscietra Grand Reserve Caviar 30g

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Original price $82.50
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Do you want the best caviar in the world? Polanco Oscietra Sturgeon is premium caviar cultivated in the clean rivers of San Gregorio de Polanco, Uruguay. It has a delicate texture and lengthy buttery flavours with hints of walnut and dried fruits. Feel its bronze to golden tones and a long-lasting buttery finish, which permits various flavours to bloom on your palate.

It's ideal to eat straight up with a glass of champagne or a shot of vodka due to its high quality. You can also eat it on a canapé or with a salmon fillet.

Polanco Caviar comes in:

  • 30g jar
  • Keep between -4 to +4 ° C
  • Product of Uruguay