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Premium Seafood Steamboat (Hot Pot) Package

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One of our most superior packages yet — the Premium Seafood Steamboat is loaded with the rich flavours of the most succulent seafood that money can buy. Try our sweet and juicy Extra Large Brown Tiger Prawns or test your tastebuds with our wild ocean flavour-filled Cloudy Bay Shell Clams from along the pristine coastline of New Zealand. Combine to make a creamy seafood chowder, crumb, or BBQ whole — however you choose to cook them, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this top-quality seafood selection. With some products valued at $60 individually, you’ll save on our packages.

The Premium Seafood Steamboat Package comes with:
  • Extra-Large Black Tiger Prawns U10/15 1kg (Frozen)
  • Large NZ Green Shelled Mussels 1kg (Frozen)
  • Jumbo Sashimi Japanese Scallops Roe-off per 1kg (Frozen)
  • Skinless NZ Ling Fillets 700g (Frozen)
  • Squid Tentacles 1kg (Frozen)
  • Cloudy Bay Diamond Shell Clam 1kg