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Ready-to-Cook Blue Swimmer Crab Meat (Frozen) 500g

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Original price $35.99
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Because of its versatility in cooking and enticing taste, this crab flesh product is becoming increasingly popular. There's no need to break shells or make a mess in order to get to the pure, moist, and firm crab meat. It can be used in cooking or as a snack on its own.

Blue crab meat has a rich, sweet, juicy, and buttery flavour.  You get a mix of body meat which has a delicate flavour, and claw meat with a slightly nutty flavour. It works very well with salads, spaghetti, platters, and as a simple entrée. For simple elegance, try a basic crab sandwich, where the intrinsic flavour of the blue swimmer may be appreciated with some butter or mayonnaise.

Blue Swimmer Crab Meat Comes:
  • Raw, Frozen
  • Ready-to-cook
  • Sold by 500g pack
  • Product of Mozambique